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Tooth Fillings

Tooth fillings are one of the most common procedures that takes place in the dental office. When you visit the dentist for a check up, they may find some decay and recommend getting a filling. A filling is a treatment for a tooth that has damage from decay to prevent it from getting worse as well as restoring the tooth back to its normal state. Another reason why you may get a filling is to repair a cracked or chipped tooth. Sometimes a dental emergency takes place and this is an ideal solution to fix the tooth.

The Steps for Tooth Fillings

Fillings are generally a simple procedure. They are usually complete in an hour or less. If the filling is larger than normal or multiple needs to be filled, it may take longer. Before performing the procedure, the dentist will examine the tooth or teeth using dental tools and may even take an X-ray. This allows for them to see the severity of the damage. Following this, the dentist begins the official process.

  1. First, local anesthetic is used to numb the area where the tooth will be filled. 
  2. Then the decay is removed using either an abrasion instrument, laser, or drill. The choice of tool used by the dentist depends on multiple factors (the area and extent of decay, the dentist’s expertise, and/or training).
  3. Next, the dentist will check that all of the decay has been thoroughly removed. Once all of the bacteria is cleared out, your dental professional will make space for the filling. 
  4. After that, the material for the filling is applied in layers. As each layer is applied, a light is used to cure (harden) the material used. 
  5. Once completely filled, the material is shaped to match the tooth, trimmed, and polished.  

tooth fillings

Different Types of Tooth Fillings

There are multiple types of tooth fillings. Teeth can be filled with different materials like gold, silver amalgam, porcelain, plastic, tooth-colored, composite resin and glass ionomer. Choosing which filling to use depends on various factors. The main factor would be the dentist’s recommendation based on the decay or damage, followed by the location of where the filling is being applied. Other factors that are considered include a patient’s insurance coverage and cost of the material used for the procedure. 

After the Filling

When the filling is finished, there usually is no pain. There may be a sensation felt on the surface of the tooth, but this goes away shortly after. Sometimes people experience sensitivity when eating very hot or cold foods, so it is suggested to stay away from these for about 1-2 weeks. If after this time you are still experiencing any sensitivity, it is important to visit your dentist to check why this may be happening. 

At any time if a dental emergency arises or you have any concerns about potentially needing a filling, do not hesitate to call us here at Dental Made Easy. We are here to help!

Your Dental Health

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