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Is Extracted Tooth Replacement Necessary?

When a tooth is extracted or missing, regardless of the reason why, it is important that the tooth is replaced. For some, they may feel like this is not necessary but in fact, it is. A gap being left in the mouth where a tooth should be can cause damage overtime. The other teeth and bones in the mouth can become more susceptible to decay and breakage. These teeth can shift causing changes in the jaw and trouble when eating.

Some other potential problems that can arise are crooked teeth and the formation of gaps in between the teeth. A major issue that can also occur is super eruption. Super eruption is when the tooth that is next to the missing space grows out of its original spot. This happens because the tooth is no longer there to hold up the other with resistance and keep it in place. A side effect of this is increased sensitivity. Luckily, there are many options available for replacing a missing or extracted tooth. 

Extracted Tooth Replacement Options 

1. Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great option when seeking to replace a tooth. They can last for years and function like a natural tooth. An implant is essentially an artificial tooth root that has a crown placed on top of it. It is inserted into the upper or lower jawbone to secure it.

2. Dental Bridges

extracted tooth replacement

Another solution for a missing tooth is a dental bridge. A bridge uses two or more crowns attached as a single unit. This unit is adhered to the neighboring natural teeth or dental implant. This can also last for several years, renewing the appearance of your smile. 

3. Partial Dentures

extracted tooth replacement

An additional alternative for an extracted tooth is a partial denture. Partial dentures use replacement teeth and a base to fill in the missing space. The base has an appearance similar to the gums and the tooth/teeth are color matched to blend in with your smile. On the denture, there is a clasp that attaches to your natural teeth. This allows for removal at night. 

4. Bone Graft

extracted tooth replacement

This is a different solution for those unable to replace a missing tooth for the time being. Completing a bone graft would still allow for any of the previous alternatives to be done later. A bone graft is a procedure that promotes regeneration of missing bone in the jaw. Bone grafting material is absorbed as the natural bone grows in, producing new bone. This is beneficial because with the new bone, you will have the bone structure necessary to support a dental implant or any other dental procedure of your choice. 

Extracted Teeth Need to Be Replaced

It is essential to replace any extracted or missing teeth. To prevent misalignment of any of your teeth, it is best to figure out which option is best suited to remedy your situation. Your dentist will be able to examine you and determine this. Come and visit us at Dental Made Easy if you have a missing or extracted tooth that needs to be replaced. We are always here to help!

Your Dental Health

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