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Dental Myths Dispelled!

Everyday we are being presented with information that we are unsure about being true or false, especially regarding our health. Amongst this are many misconceptions out there about our teeth and oral health overall. In this blog post, we want to debunk any dental myths and set the record straight.

Common Dental Myths

Myth #1: Brushing your teeth can be replaced with chewing gum.

This is certainly not true. In fact, there is a small beneficial impact of chewing gum on the teeth overall. Enjoying a piece of gum may slightly clean the teeth. However, is it still necessary to brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing ensures that plaque is being removed from the teeth, which prevents any cavities or decay from appearing in the future.

Myth #2: Processed sugars are worse for your teeth than natural sugars.

While it is great to enjoy some fruit, be aware of how much of it you actually consume. The bacteria that live in your mouth do not discriminate between the sugars in sweets and those found in fruit. Once this bacteria produces acid from the sugar, cavities can still form and cause damage. Limit the amount of these foods that you eat in general.

Myth #3: When using an electric toothbrush, you do not have to floss.

The purpose of using an electric toothbrush is to clean the surface of the tooth’s enamel. This type of toothbrush can give you a thorough clean, but it does not take the place of flossing. Dental floss is the most effective tool for removing debris in between the teeth and the gum line. Regardless if you use a manual or electric toothbrush, make sure to floss daily.

Myth #4: Teeth whitening weakens the tooth’s enamel. 

Teeth whitening is a great way to enhance the natural appearance of the teeth with minimal effort. The whitening or bleach does not hurt the teeth. It is virtually painless. Some people do experience some sensitivity, and this typically goes away with a couple hours or days. 

Myth #5: Brushing your teeth harder will clean them better. 

Using too much force when brushing your teeth actually has the opposite effect on them. Being abrasive when brushing can result in the enamel wearing down. It is crucial to preserve the enamel because this is what protects our teeth against decay. A soft bristled toothbrush is a great option to use when completing your oral health routine. 

Myth #6: If you are not having any oral health concerns, you can skip going to the dentist.

This is definitely false. The significance of visiting a dental professional cannot be emphasized enough. Your Dental Made Easy dentist examining you regularly to make sure that your teeth are at their best is essential. When you are proactive with your health, it allows your any potential issues to be handled as soon as possible. 

Hopefully after reading this, you have learned something new and any misconceptions have been cleared up. If you still have any questions or concerns about any dental myths, be sure to reach out to us at Dental Made Easy!

Your Dental Health

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