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5 Other Bad Foods for Your Teeth

Previously, we wrote a blog post listing 5 bad foods for your teeth that you should avoid in order to keep your smile at its best. While those were important to note, there are also some other foods that also contribute to damaging your teeth. It is imperative to be aware of all of the foods that can potentially cause tooth decay, cavities, and other conditions affecting the mouth. Here we outline 5 more foods that are bad for your teeth.  


Bread is a food that we enjoy in so many forms whether it be a sandwich, bagel, or simply a slice of toast. As tasty as it can be, it is a food that does more harm than good as far as our teeth are concerned. When we chew on bread, the starches in it are broken down into sugar. This forms into a gummy paste that sticks to the teeth that can lead to cavities when the teeth are not cleaned properly. Opt for bread that has less sugar that is also harder to break down like whole wheat.

Carbonated Drinks

Soda, whether it is diet or not, is not good for you as a whole but it is especially unhealthy for your mouth. It has been for that soda can be equally as damaging to the teeth as certain drugs. The acid content in these drinks attacks the enamel with the help of plaque. Drinking soda also dries out your mouth. This prevents saliva from doing its job of washing away any food and drink residue left behind. Another negative to carbonated drinks is that they may stain your teeth. It is best to just avoid them altogether. 


Alcohol is another drink that we know is not beneficial to our health. This is another drink that dries out our mouth blocking saliva from serving its purpose. Saliva is necessary to keep food from sticking to your teeth. It also helps in correcting the early signs of gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral conditions. To counteract this, make sure to drink water regularly!

Starchy Foods 

Potato chips and other foods that fall into this category are delicious snacks that we cannot help but enjoy. However similarly to bread, starchy foods can harm our teeth due to the sugar content released when the starches are being digested after chewing. These sugars can stick in between the teeth leading to future cavities. Make it your duty to floss after eating these foods!

Sticky Foods 

Eating foods like dried fruits are a better alternative to eating candy but they also can have negative effects on your teeth. Their sticky quality can cause them to stick to the teeth after being eating leaving sugar behind. It is important to wash your mouth, brush your teeth, and floss after eating any sticky foods. It is better to simply eat fresh fruit if you are craving a healthy treat!

Now clearly there are many foods that would cause some wear to the teeth but it is necessary to know what to avoid as much as possible. Come and visit us at Dental Made Easy to learn more about preventing any oral damage and the best ways to keep your smile great!

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