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5 Bad Foods for Your Teeth

Eating is something we all enjoy, especially when it comes to our favorite snacks and sweets. Most times people think to avoid them because of their lack of nutritional value, but they actually do more harm besides that. These foods that bring us delight can have damaging effects on our oral health. It may be hard to stop eating these foods altogether but our dentists recommend to limit them as much as possible in an effort to prevent your tooth’s enamel from deteriorating. When the tooth breaks down, this can lead to cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease. Here is a list of foods to refrain from eating as much as possible:

                                                                                                                                                                                                    Sour Candies

We all love candy although it is known to not be good for us. It’s high sugar content and additives make it a snack that is not the best for our general health. But it can also be bad for your mouth. The acidic properties within it can be abrasive to the teeth. This can lead to future cavities and tooth decay, which is bad for our oral health.




While ice does not have any additives within it that make it unhealthy to consume, ice can still be harmful to your teeth. The hard texture of ice can be destructive to the tooth, making your teeth become susceptible to potential dental emergencies. Your teeth can chip or crack when doing this. If you have crowns, these can become loose from eating ice as well. Try your best to break the habit of eating ice to avoid these potential mishaps.


Citrus is great for consuming as far as its nutritional value goes, but unfortunately has a downside as far as our teeth are concerned. The acid that is naturally produced in these fruits can erode the enamel that keeps our teeth nice and strong. If you must consume a citrus drink, the best thing to do is sip it through a straw!


Coffee & Tea

When we need that extra boost in the morning to wake us up and get us going, coffee is that go-to beverage. In its natural form, coffee as well as tea, can actually be beneficial to us. Coffee and tea can also dry out the mouth, causing bad breath, and stain teeth. But  most times when we are drinking these beverages, sugar is added for taste which decreases that nutritional value.

Hard Candies

Delicious candies can be a great treat, but when they are hard this can also be negative for your teeth and oral health in general. The sugar in these can cause cavities when the teeth are not cleaned after consuming. Similarly to ice, hard candies can also cause broken or chipped teeth because of how tough it is. Take caution when eating these and opt for an alternative like fruits or sugar free gum.



It is important that we are aware of the foods that can cause harm to our teeth. If you have any questions about what foods you enjoy and are unsure if they are safe for your teeth, come visit us at Dental Made Easy to speak to one of our knowledgeable dentists!

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